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$1,017.98. all right? call it $1,018. the u.s. greenback on the dollar index in the last sick months has dropped 14%. we are losing ground against the yen. sfwra ja pan will flefr grow in our lifetime. we're losing ground against the euro. this has annerly '70s feel. weren't the policies in the early '70s, big spending, falling dollar, rising gold, and rising tax rates? after that, what does it mean for inflation or stagflation? >> that's right. stocks were sometimes going up in the '70s, but not against gold. you're better off being against equities in that period. even though in nol mall terms they went pup a corporation -- most of what productivity the government picks up is big corporations. and they get productivity by laying people off. so what we see is like the 1970s, a high unemployment rate, some productivity growth, but not a feeling of living standards that penetrates people. >> so joe, what happens if the government takes over the health care system? >> that's the problem. that is a pay jor problem, no question. but on the '70s parallel, inflation was starting fro
at that forecast. friday, some showers. mid- to upper 70s. upper 70s, maybe low 80s by the weekend. and the sunshine will return by the second half of the weekend. still warm, in the mid70s now. thursday's forecast, lots of sun around here. temperatures in the 50s to upper 70s. even the low 80s by the time the day is finished. and to the weekend. sun and clouds for sunday and monday. temperatures holding around a comfortable 80-degree mark. not too bad. >> bob, thank you. >>> still to come tonight. mark has the latest on the o's ballpark. >>> it's an update on the ravens' rookie. on the eve of the final preseason game. that's next in sports. >>> great weather for baseball. mark slivian -- viviano is at camden yards. >> here tonight. new york hit five home runs to put a hurting on the o's last night. added to that pain is the injury to adam jones. has the o's hoblging. that -- hobbling. that injury happened here. when jones trying to get back to first base, stepped awkwardly on the base. turned his left ankle and crumbled to the ground. the o's say their all-star center fielder will
the street. it was a happy family. >> reporter: police, they are looking for richardson's black mercedes s430 with a maryland dealer's plate, the tag number is 1a88982. witnesses say another vehicle, a lack chrysler -- black chrysler or a black cadillac followed that her say see -- key -- mercedes. they want you on the lookout for that as well. >> all right, thank you for. that >>> now to another grim discovery in prince george's county. the body of the man found behind the lutheran school in landover hills. police say an employee at the church saw the body on the playground. we do know know the man's name. police are treating this as a homicide. >>> 9news now continues to follow an fbi investigation into the dc taxicab industry. jim graham denies that he's a tart of the probe. his chief of staff has been arrested and charged with accepting a pwraoeufpblt tonight, bruce johnson -- accepting bribes, tonight, produce johnson looking at this. and they require that those are left to pie medallions. >> reporter: the independent cab drivers were nearly unanimous in their medallions. >> it costs too
industrial economy of the 1970s. so the power structure in the business federation is probabl thirty, 40 years out of date. and it's an incredibly impressive organization. it's an expertise and its ability to hav business and policy proposals. it's also older japanese economy. and then finally in terms of japanese politics, one good thinthat i think will come out of this that will last is that the process, the policy process is going to be more opened up no matter when the lbd ces back or not. this was a vote for a ifferent kind of process in politics. and i think in jan whereivil society has been compared with korea, for example, or taiwan, where civil society has been slow to grow, the dpj is going to be very supportive in terms of tax laws and powering ngos. that's a good thing, i think, for japan. i think women are going to have a more active role in the dpj. it's going to break open some of the old holes on political promotions and political participation. immigrants in japan, korean citizens living in japan or koreans with japanese citizenship, n immigration. i think the dpj is goi
the country. >> stay with us now, everyone. "news today" continues at 5:00 a.m. s >>> quadruple shooting. an outbreak of gunfire, three people injured, another dead. what police believe may have motivated the violence in a quiet district neighborhood. >> in the line of fire. the southern california wildfires continue to burn out of control. this morning a new round of evacuations as flames threaten more homes. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm barbara harrison. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on this tuesday, the 1st day of september 2009. let's take a live look outside right now. we can see a beautiful picture of the u.s. capitol. 61 delightful degrees. what a night to throw those windows open. it was a pleasant night for sleeping last night. >> a lot of folks waking up right now and getting ready to head out. what canhe tpeexuty o?ctlylaloy morning. the record lowt a reagan national is de. away from that right now.trom that r,rat errodand u nr,rrada under y, ir ra n wa washington and near the bay, but whelinerse te he0s 5 annd eveel 40s farther west and e
... how new challenges like inflation will impact you're nest egg. and...some u.s. industries look for new opportunities in cuba now that certain rules are lifted. it's all ahead on this edition of first business. by year since showing no signs of stepping out of the market now that volume comes back in the prices of stocks continue to march higher after labor day. a lot of concern about whether or not the market will fall apart has happened one day in. looking ahead to the rest of this week unless the president obama if will be addressing congress about health care reform efforts and also on wednesday and thursday of this week if we have four federal reserve members giving different speeches so investors are paying attention to what they have to say about the state of the economy in the global market. meantime defeat out trade leasing gold prices creepy and to some degree explode back to a thousand hours an ounce to looked at go up on the charts and also get into a discussion of what the gold rally may not be tied to inflation. this september.... marks an entire year ... that aig has bee
kierein about what we can expect for the rest of the day. ar wtoee th in high 60s for the temperature? >> yeah, hovering around 70 right now. that's below average for this time, which is the mid-80s. now, it's 71 in washington. it's in the upper 60s in montgomery, fairfax and prince georges counties. and upper 60s, mid skies around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley, and out in the mountains they started off in th 40s this morning. in the 70s on the eastern shore now. and there is a little cloudiness there around the beaches and outer banks. elsewhere, plenty of sunshine around the region. here is the forecast for the afternoon. mostly sunny, low humidity, and just a light breeze coming in out of the northeast. and temperatures should climb into the low and mid-70s. and then overnight tonight, it looks like another chilly evening by dawn again tomorrow, it looks like another cool start. we will take a look at the weekend as well as what is happening in the tropics. that's coming up in a few minutes, barbara and joe. >>> jerry edwards has traffic now. >> slow spots, roadwork in full
came home from school and we heard the s.w.a.t. team was in our driveway. they used that. it was shocking. it is a nice quiet neighborhood. >> thanks for that, peggy fox. >>> a woman in arlington came home late last saturday night and found a strange man apparently sleeping it off in her bed. and that man happened to be a u.s. capitol police officer. 34-year-old thomas mcman is now charged with unlawful entry. police say the woman or her roommate didn't know the guy. >>> a 21-year-old man was stabbed. police looking for two suspects. a black man in his 20s and a white man in his 20s all wearing black clothing. if you're one of the people with information on it call crime stoppers. >>> police are looking for a man who tried to abduct a 15- year-old girl in fairfax county. this all reportedly went down around 5:00 p.m. yesterday evening as the girl was walking home from woodson sr. high. a passing motorist intervened. suspect is described as a white man in his 40s. the pick up had a pittsburgh steelers on the left side police say. >>> take a look at this nightmare in anonda
be damp this morning. elsewhere, just cloudy at this time. no precipitation. it's in the low and mid-60s, another cool morning. we never did get out of the 60s yesterday. it's now 64 in washington. low, mid-60s montgomery, fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties. low 50s out in the eastern shore. upper 50s in the mountains. for the morning, remaining cloudy. we ought to be near 70 by noon, peaking in the mid-70s by noon with sunshine breaking out. a partly cloud evening to follow. we'll be in the upper 50s as we start off saturday morning. now the weekend. saturday looking mostly sunny. upper 70s on sunday and partly cloudy, but here we go back to work and school with maybe some more rain on monday, into the first part of next week. take a look at that. that will be in ten minutes coming up at 5:11. >> we're ready to start the party. >> let the weekend begin. >> absolutely. hey, jey, are you ready? >> i've been ready since monday. always ready for a good party. well, good morning. as friday morning gets under way we're doing all right. take a drive down 270, out of fed rick, headed
and chilly. low temperatures, upper 40s in the suburbs. mid-50s downtown. northwesterly at 10 to 15. wind gusts, still gusting at 24 miles per hour to the nationals. and even in the 26 mile per hour range, out towards laseburg, still breezy -- leesburg still breezy all night. a chance of showers tomorrow and when the 70s return coming up. >> all right, thank you. >>> now some breaking news for the pacifics in the area out here. at least 14 people are dead after tsunami responded by the powerful earthquakes, swept ashore. and the death occurred in four different villages on the main out here and unspecified amount of numbers were also killed in neighboring areas out here. that is abdomen dawn for them on tuesday. now to developing stories affecting the car owners. some of them with brand new cars for them that might include you as well. certain toyota and lexus vehicles to remove the driver side floor mat before you make your next trip. the reason, that mat could interfere with the accelerator and cause a sudden surge, maybe even a crash. the camry 2007 through 2010. the avalon, 2005 to 2
. the senanate's's seping health care p plan nds fefafans, asas the prpresident kes hirefofo mee e to a an n unlikeke didienencece. >>> and one ofheoys of a a generatition is ncnceded. ♪ p puff the magic dragag ved by thehe s seaea caions paid fofor byby a abcinin >>> good morning. thanks for joing us.s. we are folwingng a a d devoping ory y ththis thursday morning, in e e cacase of murdered yalale e adad stududent,t, anniee.e. >> there a new reports that pocecere o on n the e veveofof arresting raymonond clclarar after a a dna mamatch wasadade.clcls the lab tenician who workrked w wh le. he had been ununde24-hour rvllancece sinince b bei n namamed persrsonf terest inn case. >> theedic e emiminene reveveaealed ththate e had d bebeenen ststrangled. the state e crcrime b bebeen analyzyzg evce arod e clclock after search wrants were served and dna was takefrom clark. we'l'll haha t latesest ming up on "good m morning america." >>>>> this morningng's other big stor healtltcare. the e la proropoposasal l memeets momost sisint obama's quire lts anandts l lses than o otherer bis.
. we are in the mid and upper 70s all around in the region. low humidity in place. eastern shore, mid-70s. they started out in the low 50s and upper 40s this morning, and now it's in the low 60s in western maryland and in west virginia. we are under a clear sky here. a few clouds popped up in the last hour. it would be a mostly sunny afternoon with low humidity and just a few light breezes coming in out of the northwest, and shifting into the southwest by late today. highs should reach the low to mid-80s. i will have details for the rest of the week, and a big change in the weather pattern, and that coming up in a few minutes. >>> and jerry edwards has the traffic. >> better in most locations than this morning. a tough rush hour on this monday. live picture from the city cam, 395 northbound. and all cleared out over the 14th street bridge. and there is the outbound side leaving the district. that is moving along well. roadwork in place, northbound and southbound 95 virginia at this hour, generally between newington. travel lanes do remain open. back to you. >> thank you, jerry. >> oba
,ilt n t ch around the blu ridge and shenandoah valley. closer to washington it's in tce low to mid 50s. 59 in washington. near the bay, mid 60s. eastern she, upper 50s. only near 40 in many locations. out in the mountains a chilly start there this 2nd sept r.september. highs reaching upper 70s, a few clouds around tomorrow as well as onat surday. saturday is looking dry. i'm back with frequent updates throughout the morning. the next one is at 5:11. >> we'll be waiting to see you. thank you. >>> let's go to jerry edwards and the news 4 traffic network. jerry, any early problems? >> yes. we did have one. past tense. just below fredricksburg along i-95 southbound below route 17 near the route 3 interchange. had the interstate shu down for a little while in the overnight hours. the good news is everything has reopened. so southbound 95 is fine. northbound we're picking up a lot of volume already this morning heading out of fredricksburg. it is back to work after the holidays, at the wilson bridge off to a quiet start. northeast looking good. joe, back to you. >>> thanks very much. new tod
for rain. becausweca have been dry the last several day and we will be dry the next several days. low to s to the the west. main southern in southern inmar are 69, near 70 on the bay in annapolis with warmer temperatures and a little cloud cover. partly to mostly sunny today. 75 by noon. lower 80s for the drive home with code yellow moderate air quality. 6:00 this fr idaymorning. how are the roads. >> they are looking well but some prle msth. t is 50 in e maryland. it is closed in both directions due to an early-morning accident. reth eyin athe process of cleaning it up. it shouldn't up shortly is the word i have been given. the alternate is 662 and then back to 50 eastbound. we will stay with the graphics going to northbound route 1 between free state road and goreman road. a water main break. you are losing the right lane. it will be there all day. the alternate is 95 and the bw parkway. check out 270 at father hurley. a little volume but no problems as you make your way to the split. heading back to the graphics, in virginia the inner loop, you can see up to speed. 61 miles an hour is
gonna talk about the u.s. auto industry in the changing role is playing in the crimea. when did a look at the culture of american cars and the emotions they support within the us as well as a glimpse back in time and innovation of the future. the u.s. auto industry have changed a lot the u.s. economy has changed as well. where going to introduced into a car collecting a lot of money involved and talk about some cars from television and movies. no other industry quite like the auto industry is a reflection of its times. from popular culture to design, fuel efficiency and employment, the car business has been both a leader and casualty of the changing economy. there was a time when if you bought a car in the u-s, there was better than a 90 percent that it would have been made by one of the big detroit three, chrysler, ford or general motors. but today fewer than half the cars sold in the u-s come from one of those three makers. before the bankruptcies, the influence of the big three extended throughout the u-s economy. after world war two, as the economy boomed and middle class
morning. we're in the 60s to near 70 degrees. now 69 in washington. and it's in the upper 60s eastern shore, mid-60s out in the mountains. we do have some other scattered showers moving from west to east that will be with us here through the morning but then we dry out this afternoon, a little sunshine breaking out as highs will be in the 60s. in fact we're in the 70s now, drop to the 60s by later on this morning and into the afternoon. 50s by dawn tomorrow, maybe some more showers saturday afternoon and evening, into sunday morning. drying out sunday afternoon, maybe some showers monday afternoon. a look into next week in ten minutes at 5:11. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you very much. let's go to ashley linder now and the news 4 traffic network. good morning to you. >> do you have on shoes, ashley? >> i actually don't, shockingly enough. see, i'm a sock person. i just like the feel of feet in the -- in the element, their natural element. >> i agree with you, ashley. >> as long as they don't smell. all righty. taking a trip around town right now very quiet. 270, no problems coming out
pushing through. that's not stopping temperatures now 84 in washington. we're in the low 80s in prince george's county, arlington, montgomery counties. the panhandle of west virginia, there is more cloudiness so temperatures are in the 70s. a little breeze off the bay will keep it cooler there as well as on the eastern shore. only in the low 70s now out in the mountains, these are the current temperatures here are the current dew points down to 65 in washington, the dew point was at 70 at dawn, so it has dropped 5 degrees. it's drying out. we'll continue to see the drier air filtering in on a northerly wind into the afternoon. over the lastix hours we've seen clouds coming in from the norths that weak front is moving through. fothe rest of the afternoon, partly sunny and becoming less humid as the afternoon progresses but hot in the upper 80s by mid afternoon with a northerly breeze. a look at big changes coming our way. a cooldown commencing tomorrow and into the weekend. it will be coming up in a few minutes. >> okay, tom. thank you. >> let's get the traffic right now. steve is in th
, the blue ridge and into the mountains. n adunroun washington, the lownd mid-60s, near0 near the bay, eastern shore mid-60s.nhe tr ly ione 4n n ut i he mountains this morning. we do have a few clouds zipping up from theouthuthe not producing 'll have a partly cloudy day, his reaching the mid-80s. d. rymivehu looks l aike tfirierc holiday weekend. saturday,daunnd s ay a loray d monday, afternoon highs lownd a mid-80s. morninowlo lws 60s a lnd wemaining dry. tal 'looke l ak at next week as we get back to worhoinndgaert school again after the holiday. that will be coming up at 5:11, in ten minutes. >> all right, tom, thank you. >> now let's go to jerry edwards, take another early look at the roadways. jerry? >> good morning. we'll head on down to fredericksburg, see how things are progressing along i-95 northbound near the route 17 interchange doing okay. there had been a bunch of overnight road work southbound, repaving operations southbound, south of route 17. if i said 15, minute 17. south of route 17 near route 3. they're in the process of picking that up. just received wo
frederick and masbinatrturg martinsburg at 47 degr s 61 an the 47 an the is keeping the naval air station in patuxent river in the 60s. a gorgeous day ahead. mid-60s by 9:00. low 70s by lunchtime. and then upper 70s for the drive home. plenty of sunshine. let's get the trafficup date here with kris sneed. >> thank you. we will start in maryland. we are seeing a little volume here university to georgia. though delays yet the inner loop is clear. moving to 270. we are slow 109 to 121. as you can see germantown road the head lights the volume is building from germantown to i- 370. no delays speak of there. going in to virginia. 66 eastbound we are tracking taillights here. route 50 to 123. that's about five extra minutes for you right now and then clear as you make your way to the beltway and points beyond. going to our graphics and checking out the inner loop from 95 to 66. you are up to speed there. if you travel the outer loop from van doren to telegraph road to wilson bridge no problems to speak of. and finally finish it out 95 northbound in virginia. the only slow down from the prince
blue. >>> today thousands of muslims held a prayer vigil on the steps of the u.s. capitol. they say the gathering was nonpolitical. they say they came up with the idea after president obama spoke about the need to reach out to muslim americans and they say they came to pray for the soul of america because they are americans, too. >>> this weekend, there's a family fun 5-k run with special meetings for one local army widow. nikki bunting's husband was killed by a road side bomb in afghanistan in february. she's keeping her husband's memory live and honoring other fallen heros in the first ever bubba's belly run. it what been a bittersweet year for nikki. after the news of her husband's death she found she was pregnant with her second son. >> one of the things he taught me is to be grateful for what i have in my life and that's what i am focusing on and i know that is what he would want me to do. >> all the proceeds from the run will go to management families and the run will start at the school in potomac where the couple met. >>> allison lives to celebrate this day. it is her birthd
sits behind bars in switzerland facing possible extradition to the u.s. after spending more than 30 years on the run from the law. i'm julie banderas, we're live as fox reports tonight. raising the stakes in a cloud of smoke and a column of fire. iran launching several missiles in a brand new test, days after revealing a secret nuclear facility hidden deep underground. >> this is a very serious matter. we're going to put them to the test on october 1st. >> tonight, the latest on tehran's acts of defiance and how the world will respond. plus, it was one of the worst terror attacks ever on u.s. soil. now, more than a decade after the oklahoma city bombing, the feds releasing never before seen video of the aftermath. and the chaos unfolding outside the alfred murrah frad federal building some of the video used to put timothy mcveigh away. a not so subtle show of force, iran testing three short range missiles as the head of its revolutiony guard and both the country's program is so successful, it's struggling to store all the missiles it has. >> see for yourself. this is video of the la
flooded. still don't know what went wrong. the line was installed in the 1970s. so investigators do not believe age was a factor in the break. this is, however, the third break with this type of pipe in this year in maryland. >>> topper, beautiful out there today. how long is it gonna last? >> we're gonna go down slowly. what a way to start the week. here's the forecast for tonight. i think everyone will become mostly cloudy. you will west of town. still comfortable. temperatures upper 50s to mid- 60s downtown. winds light south easterly at 10:00. temperatures after a high of 80. still 75 at national. and still 73 in frederick. low 70s in manassas and culpeper and upper 70s down 95 toward fredricksburg. in the immediate metro area, it was okay. some mixed clouds and sun, but out to the west it was cloudy all day and in mountains, there interest showers. when we come back we'll talk about when the showers and clouds will roll in here. >>> roadwork ahead means drivers can expect congestion in virginia later tonight. lanes on i-95 between route 1 and lawyerton road will be closed for u
precipitation. it's brought in the continual chill, blustery northwest wind. in the 50s from the shen valley and atlantic beaches. arlington, fairfax and prince george's county, out of the mountain ins the 40s right there. there are a few sprinkles in southwestern pennsylvania now. a lot of cloudiness as we get going this morning. by this time tomorrow morning, frost, all these counties in blue, much of west virginia, frost advisories for tomorrow morning as well as western maryland. first time this season. for the rest of the day quite a bit of cloudiness, maybe a sprinkle during the afternoon, small chance with highs in the upper 60s. low 0s friday, might get showers on saturday. a look at sunday and next week in ten minutes. >> so they might have frost in frost burg. >> could be. >>> let's go to ashley linder for a look at traffic. >> traveling down 270, no big issues as you make the southbound commute. had some accident activity reported, but it's minor. no big issues around the capitol beltway. no issues through college park and the woodrow wilson. no problems on the bw parkway or out o
. it is a cool morning, down to 65 now in washington. low to mid-60s in montgomery, fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties. 50s farther west and north. low to mid-60s southern maryland, around the bay and the eastern shore. out of the mountains in the chilly 40s. over the last six hours, high pressure moving in from the upper midwest will keep us dry throughout the day with lots of sunshine, highs reaching the mid-80s with low humidity. and then tomorrow another delightful day, highs mid-80s, some clouds moving in during the afternoon. then looks like our pattern will change. a chance of passing showers with cool temperatures wednesday and each dayll the way into the weekend. looking like a wet pattern setting up with cooler weather as well. that's the way it looks on this monday morning. i'm back with frequent updates throughout the morning. >> we'll be looking forward to those. thanks, tom. out to the roads now. >> jerry edwards and the news 4 traffic network. good morning, jerry. >> good morning. good start to the commute so far this morning. not too much to worry about as we check ou
couldn't county and oakland. we are mid to upper 60s along the bay in southern maryland and parts of the northern neck. mid-60s by 9:00 a.m. low 70s for the lunch hour. it will be a great day to eat outside and for the the ride home sunny and 78 degrees. it is 6:00 straight up. kris sneed has the traffic. >> thank you. it seems to be an incident filled morning so far and that will continue with this trend. 66 eastbound is jammed from route 50 to the beltway. you are about 15 minutes and building. we are getting a report of an accident at 495. not sure what is up there yet, but i will get word on that shortly. going to the graphics, inner loop is looking good as you see, 60 miles an hour is the average there. over to inbound new york avenue. we are seeing slow downs from the times building to bladensburg road and heading up to maryland and check out 270, the accident on route 80 is almost clear. should be out of the way now and slow germantown to i-370. finish it up 95 and the bw parkway, nothing but green cars as you make your way out of baltimore past 198 to the beltway. >> thank
at 5:00 a.m. >>> strategic planning. president obama meets with the top u.s. generals in afghanisn. their new plan for military action is pressure intensifies on capitol hill. >> combat ready. businesses taking precautions ahead of a swine flu outbreak, this as a local hospital announces strict policies to prevent the spread of infection. >> well, good morning to you. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm barbara harrison. it's tuesday, september 29th, 2009. let's take a look outside. still dark out there. we're waiting for sunrise in another hour or so. talk to tom kierein about what we can expect from the weather as the sun comes up. going to warm things up, tom? >> not much this morning. prepare accordingly. we've got some very chilly temperatures. sun's not coming up for two more hours. it's right now dark and chilly. as we take a look at radar, no precipitation. mostly clear. we're down into the upper 40s and low 50s all around the region. now just 54 in washington. out in the mountains, only in the 40s to near 50. near 50 on the eastern shore as well so certain
boorstin. s.e.c. is asking agencies to apply to a new set of rules to supply transparency. >>> hello and welcome to cnbc's "worldwide exchange." global equities a little softer today, but we've had a pretty good run of it. this is where we stand on the cnbc ftse 100, down 4,355. not as weak as what we've seen in asia. very slim losses, indeed. the ftse 100 down, indee indeed, 0.13%. the ftse has been up for five consecutive days. and up over 3.5% in the last three days. food and beverage is one of the strongest exits today along with health care. today, dollar yen is back over 9 is, 91.20. euro/dollar pulling back from its year high, down to back below 1.47, 1.4667. sterling/dollar was around 1.65, today is .63. >> here in asia kra, ross, after that massive rally we saw yesterday, we are seeing share prices here pulling back a little bit. china is one of the biggest losers today by more than 3%. we had some numbers out sales the u.s. may impose more tariffs on chinese steel products. the kospi, though, did manage to gain about 0.25%. meantime, oil prices right now, you can see how ny
, showers are possible, a little cooler, low temperatures into the 60s. winds are turning northeasterly about 10. they are still mild despite the clouds. 86 is the high at nationals. the average high is about 76. so about 10 degrees above average. still 80s downtown. and still 81 out there. and still 83 in fredericksburg. satellite picture radar combined. you can see the showers in the ohio valley. that's what i'm worried about later on tonight and tomorrow morning. we'll come back and take a look at that. and that is back in 2001. we're looking ahead to the weekend. back to you. >> thank you, topper. the streets of pittsburgh are a little calmer now. earlier today, they fired tear gas into the crowds of protesters. pittsburgh is hosting the g-20 summit. that means for the next couple of days, they will be the epic center of the world politics, with president obama and other leaders from britain, france, and china. there to discuss the global economic issues. >>> and now, we cannot expect to see more protests for them, from across the country, coming to pittsburgh to help with the crowd
. and mid 70s in quantico and upper 70s in fredericksburg. a lot of clouds, not much rain showers. we'll come back and talk about the potential for thunderstorms. if you go into fall tomorrow, it's going to feel more like summer. that and more coming up. >> speaking of weather, georgia's governor is hoping to hear by the end of this day if president obama will declare his state a state of emergency. so far, nine people have died in the severe flooding. hundreds of others are homeless. georgia officials are asking people not to return to their homes yet to check on their belongings. >> even vehicles, heavy vehicles are no match for water flowing across the road. that's where we get most of our fatalities. >> all the streets are shut off. trees down everywhere. water, mud, it's just a huge mess. >> in northwest atlanta, the water is so high, just the tops of some of the homes are visible. >>> coming up, a push towards living green when you head off to the store. >>> two flu vaccinations, four shots for some, could end up with a lot of tears, but healthcare providers say it's worth i
for showers. temperatures tonight will drop down to the mid-to-upper-50's in the western suburbs tohe lord- 60's downtown. coming up, we will take a look at the work and school week forecast and the upcoming weekend. >>> coming up, emergency crews are coming to the rescue when people are caught by surprise by flash floods. plus, a wedding-day tragedy. a groom never made it to the church to walk down the aisle. we will tell you why. and a major change for inmates at a u.s. military prison. we explained, next. so you can record in one room and watch in up to six others. (cable guy) you can do that with cable! call the verizon center for customers with disabilities living room. at 800.974.6006 tty/v bedroom. at 800.974.6006 tty/v kitchen. (announcer) get the multi-room dvr from verizon fios geyour christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way. there are some things we know for sure. there will still be weddings, still be babies, and still be br
. pte wpeededestrian is nowest a gwt hospal . questioned.s being we'll bring you more information as we get it. >>> new at midday, a controversy involving metro. >> the transit agency plans to close three stops this labor day weekend for track work, the pentagon city, the crystal city and the reagan national stops, with many people shopping and traveling over the weekend, though, many wonder why metro would close these stations now? megan joins us live from ronald reagan washington national airport with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. whether you are hopping a plane and getting out of town for the holiday weekend or heading to pentagon city for shopping there were thousands of people planning on taking metro this weekend and now can't because of these three station closures. there are many including prominent lawmakers who want to know more about the timing of these closures, they want to know why the public didn't get more notice. >> thank you. >> reporter: the pentagon city metro station, it's a busy place. during the week many use it to get to their offices, on the weekends yo
pressure building in from the midwest on to of us. is thth stuff up. d-s 40s in the mountains. upper 40s inin 50w s 50ttloarcharlottesville to manassas and culpeper. in southern maryland still at 65 at the naval air station. right now at 61. 66 by 9:00. 72 at noon and 78 for the ride home at 5:00. doesn't get much better than this. see if kris sneed has better news or not for traffic. >>> we will start in maryland at 270 and father hurley a few car on the road. no problems. making your way to the split and go to the graphics. route 4, route 5, 301 no accidents or problems out here. to virginia. 395 will be income checking out the 14th street bridge here. you are making your way from duke street to this point. clear commute so far. going to our graphics, inner loop as you can see cars are up to speed. nothing but green there and we will finish up 66 eastbound out of manassas as you make your way past route 50 to the beltway and.s beyond. a clear commute so far for drivers. >>> should same-sex marriage be legal in the district? and who should make that decision? the latest confrontation b
. right now we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. most 50s, low to mid-50s out there. oakland is down 0 to 45. 49 baltimore and 52 easton. today we are looking at a cooler day with gusts to 30 miles an hour. highs around 70. 68 for the 5:00 deprive home. talk about the drive in here at 6:00 a.m. here's angie. >> knock on wood or knock on my green wall. we want to keep the trend going. no major incidents or accidents all morning. keep it that way. 270 southbound no problems past germantown road. just volume building to the split. to the outer loop, we moving at speed from route 1 to new hampshire avenue. and inbound new york avenue we are live from florida. things are fine here but the main delay is stretching from the times building to bladensburg. in virginia, 395 slowing can do you know duke to seminary. that will continue to get bigger. 95 northbound in virginia from 123 to route 1 woodbridge. that's your delay and it is growing. that's a look look at traffic. now, over to you. >>> nothing says fall like the flu. the two seem to go hand-in-hand with the cooler weather. 9 news now dig
. >>> this morning looking at clouds blowing in basically from a system off have s. lltowit ge we wi get ll the clouds thin a second but the keeping wateing inteatmp urerese th es. warmer. towardhernrmrtno rn d ck the temperatures e or the temperatures in the 60s. 50s and even west 60s. there's the clouds i was talking about and maybe a sprinkle or two in ocean city. otherwise another nice day today. low 70s at noon. highs in the upper 70s to near 80 in spots. code green air quality. it is 5:00 a.m. what's going on with the roads? >> nothing much. 95 northbound ous?of fredericksburg to the split -- or the mixing bowl, sorry. no problems there. going to 395, looking at the 14th street bridge crossing to the district no problems with the beltway to this point. moving over to our graphic, inner loop, we are up to 62 miles an hour an the inner loop. outer loop no problem there. in maryland the outer loop at university making your way around. a clear commute so far and finish it up thwiour graphics, ute th4, route 5, 301 no incidents or accidents to report at this time. >> appreciate it. >>> a
a cool start to the day. only in the 50s to near 60 degrees around the region. now 61 in washington, mid-50s eastern shore, upper 50s out in the mountains. over the last six hours, quite a bit of cloudiness rolling in, coming in on a southeasterly breeze. we do have showers moving into the ohio valley and western carolinas but not here. looks like we'll stay dry today. mostly cloudy, highs reaching the upper 70s. cloudy tonight. by this time tomorrow morning, we may have a few sprinkles around, perhaps some passing showers on tuesday with highs mid-70s tomorrow. on wednesday and thursday, warmer, highs low 80s. might have a passing shower on wednesday. here's a look at friday and the weekend. should be mostly dry ase get into a weekend and a bit cooler saturday and sunday. that's the way it looks on this monday morning. back in ten minutes with another update. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you very much. let's go to ashley linder now in our news 4 traffic network. >> good morning, barbara and joe. things are off to a quiet start. this is springfield. the headlights continuing to 395. no pr
have been cooperating with the united states, with the u.s. national council, the security council in the last year, because we are a nonpermanent member of the security council. . >> my defense minister should be coming to the united states, as of this month. we had to postpone the visit. from now until the end of the year, i will receive four out of five deputy prime ministers. they are visiting the united states. we understand the besides -- both sides are looking for closer cooperation on the defense and military aspect. due to lack of submitting this year, my president will be in new york late this month. he will attend the annual meeting of the u.n. security council, which mr. obama will attend and they will have a talk. maybe not a long one. but it is a leaders' summit. there is no official -- no official meeting between the two leaders, but they will try to talk to each other, and surely they will discuss how we will move next in our relations. the deputy foreign minister will come down to washington, d.c. for an official visit. i am arranging -- they certainly will meet. a
. yesterday, the u.s. census bureau severed its ties with acorn after republican accusations of voter registration fraud. i>>> what a miserable day outside, cloudy, mist in the atmosphere. the satellite picture, the clouds up and down the i-95 corridor, the low pressure just off the jersey coast that provided the rain. the temperature still only and the 60's. it will be slow clearing with leftover showers, the temperatures into the upper 50's, low 60's. there is sunshine and the forecast. that is coming up. >>> tens of thousands of anti- tax protestors flooded the streets of the nation's capital today as the last out on a coast-to-coast series of tea parties protesting big spending and government. president obama was the focus of many of the attacks, but he is on the road today in minnesota. >> tens of thousands of tea party protesters across the country marched down pennsylvania avenue and rallied at the u.s. capitol. they're hoping to send a clear message to washington. >> the one thing that bothers them the most is government and forging on their lives. >> -- infringing on their li
. temperatures across the region are in the upper 70s to near 70 degrees. 70 in washington and mid 70s in shenandoah valley. we will have highs reaching the mid-70s. and out in the mountains, too, sunshine. low 70s there. a delightful september day there under way. for the rest of the afternoon, becoming partly sunny, and should be mild with highs in the mid-70s with a light breeze coming in out of the southwest, around 5 to 15. improving news for tonight. we will talk about the forecast for the weekend, and look at the forecast for the skins as well as the rams' game, and the football games saturday, and we'll have a forecast for that. a look into next week as well, as we have more changes in the forecast coming after the weekend. we will have details coming up in a few minutes. barbara and keith. >> thank you, tom. >>> let's get the latest on the midday traffic. let's go to jerry edwards. >> good morning, everybody. we will head south. take a live look. we approach the wilson bridge, and doing well to see there is work off the span off the inner loop blocking the right lane to alexan
. temperatures primo for this time of the year. made it up to 83 yesterday. a lot of folks lower 80s. upper 70s for annapolis and andrews air force base and even easton 77. this morning in the 60s and 50s. cool spot culpeper and orange at 55 while we sit at 66. 58 winchester. 51 patuxent naval air station. a lot of sunshine today. 80 around lunchtime. 85 or so with the drive home temperature of 83. angie goff, what a beautiful start to the day. >> the drive is looking nice as we head in on 270. great to the split. take it to the maps where i can show you out of baltimore no issues as drivers make that nice green at-speed drive to powder mill. flip it over to route 4, route 5 and 301. if we can get there. i will let you know that remains an accident free zone. no icons on our maps. back outside, 395, the lanes are wide open for business past edsall to the district and that's the same situation for those who use 66. hopping on right now no problems as you track the head lights past the car rest area. andrea, over to you. >>> president obama turns the attention from health care to finances as he g
not necessarily be the best day to conduct a training exercise like that. but as lindsey mastis has learned u.s. coastguard was not alone. >> hold on. >> reporter: like the coastguard, dc fire and ems respond to emergencies along the potomac river. they train every day no matter what the weather and even if it is a holiday. on 9/11 they are out here. >> today is just another training day. >> reporter: the u.s. coastguard they did not tell other agencies about the drill. they said that is not unusual. >> sometimes they will just seize the opportunity. we may be coming from another engagement and they may decide to pull over. >> reporter: it is not unusual for people to mistake a training exercise as the real thing. especially those listening to scanners. >> we like our training to be as realistic as possible and the media will hear something on the scanner and i will get some calls and they will ask whether we have seven people in the water near the 14th street bridge. but often that is just a training exercise. >> reporter: he says that is why it is so important to verify information before mak
in a perfect range in the upper 70s. this morning we start you with h esarmper inch are on a few w sp henc winchester and oakland to t gacounty, and as you go to southern maryland around the bay where war attemperures are warm readings in the mid- 60s. and annapolis at 59 for us. low 70s for the lunch hour and upper 70s for the drive home. not going to last forever and i will have more on that coming. and tropical storm erika was born yesterday. let's get a traffic update from kris sneed. >> i'd like to say the roads look as good as your forecast but i would be lying an accident on route 1 just past fredericksburg. it involves two tractor- trailers. not sure it will be open but past it you are clear to the mixing bowl. if you want an alternate, route 1 right there. 395 northbound here at duke street a smooth ride to the 149 street bridge. moving over to 66 eastbound out of manassas to 495, no problems right now. >> heading up 270, you are making your way from 121 to i- 370 to the split, it is volume light. and finally finish it up with the graphics. 95 and bw parkway, nothing but green car
. >>> and the war in afghanistan. defense secretary robber gates says u.s. effort there is are defense secretary robber gates says u.s. effort there is are only now beginning. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. about 200 family and friends gathered last night to say good-bye to michael yak son. it was a private affair fp jackson was entombed at cemetery outside l.a. where many of hollywood's famous are buried. >> reporter: the king of pop was finally laid to rest 70 days after his death. michael jackson's family and closest friends were the only ones invited to attend the funeral at the famed forest lawn cemetery in glendale. his close friend, liz taylor, and al sharpton were all seated hours before the service that start considerably late. jackson's three children sat in the front row, all of his siblings, mother katherine and father joe were also will. his final resting place is what's called the great moz lee you will. he'll be intured near jimmy stewart, sammy tafs jr. and one his idles oig, walt disney. there will be statutes and staine
they conspired to murder u.s. marines. they say that he had that and they planned to use it to attack the americans. a total of eight men were involved going on training expeditions in the weeks leading up to their arrests back in july. piercing the bullets out there in north carolina. and investigators say that the eighth suspect is believed to be in pakistan. the men say that they were just playing games out in the woods. and the u.s. attorney said that the additional charges out there, hammering the grim reality that today's home grown terrorists, they are not limiting their violent plans to locations overseas. but instead, they are willing to set their sights on american citizens in american targets. to another story now where 20 people are facing the federal charges in the largest fraud investigation at fairfax county history. here is peggy fox. >> investigators found the bunches of the electrical cords. mountains of trash, and multiple cooking devices and sleeping areas. >> we found one situation where there was a mother, a father, infant, literally living in that f
have had. some spots in the 40s. a couple of cool days to go through this week. showers to the north and west. big storm system in canada bringing us brisk northwesterly winds and cooler weather. see clouds getting in the shenandoah valley. some of it will rotate through it. the bright sunshine will fade somewhat today. a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. a much-cooler day and temperatures around the 70- degree mark. noontime mid-60s. drive time temperature in the mucher 80s. code green air quality and i posted how the air quality had been good. you can read about that at now we need a traffic update. for more here's angie. >> thank you, howard. we have a string of incidents to tell you about. 50 eastbound at courthouse road is where we have an accident blocking the center lane. notice southbound on the gw parkway at the key bridge, more crash activity to tell you about. nearby, here's another one in southeast dc. another accident at minnesota avenue and naylor road. 27 is where we are seeing the biggest delay by far. we are looking at drivers sitting in traffic for at
, but there are about 950 of these throughout the u.s. we essentially take care of those who are medically under- served, often lack health insurance. they may have medicaid, medicare, but not always the capacity to be able to access health care on the private market to. we provide what we call culturally-sensitive services. we provide not only the health care, but also wraparound services like social work and case management, linguistic translations. many who come to us out of that 90,000 are from other countries, or are from this country, but do not always speak the language current around here. our funding is a mix. we get federal funds, contracts from the district of columbia department of health, corrections. also raise money privately through our foundation. we also get medicare and medicaid money because under federal law health care centers have to be reimbursed reasonable rate for the services they provide. host: why would someone go to your clinic as opposed to johns hopkins or howard university? guest: we are cheaper, firstly, but the important thing on primary health care is to keep people o
since they were created in the 1960s would oust private lenders. the measure increases the maximum pell grant by $1400 and it creates a grant program to improve community colleges. the senate takes up the bill next. >>> an attachment to that bill is an update on the story we brought you last night at 11:00. the house voted to deny the group acorn any more federal funding. senators made a similar decision three days ago. the group has been under fire since a hidden camera video was released on monday showing two acorn employees advising a couple to lie about her profession and launder her earnings. >>> two days ago, the chairman of the joint chief said this country needs to send more troops into afghanistan. but today, the secretary of defense said not so fast. >> given the importance of the decisions that the president faces, we need to take our time and get this right. >> at this point, the general in charge of u.s. operations in afghanistan is not asked for any additional troops, but that request is expected to come soon. >> compassion, perseverance, strength. a love for his fellow
in the mid 50's to the east side of town. we are mainly in the 50's to start off. we will have lots of sunshine this morning. clouds will increase. the wind will pick up. upper 70's. after today, much more refreshened fall-like error will be here. let's check in with joe filling in for lisa baden. >> we have a serious problem on." . a car flipped over about a mile before you get to father hurley boulevard. the right shoulder is getting by. the tow truck is there. south on." , your best bet is to go over to 355 and get on." south of the scene. >> thank you. >>> big developments in what has become an act of defiance. >> this move is testing the patience of the u.s. and its allies. john hendren has more. good morning. >> good morning. iran is facing intense scrutiny today amid they can become a nuclear power in as few as three years. in yet another move, iran tested missiles capable of striking israel and europe. this happened over the weekend and again this morning. there are reports of a secret nuclear facility. >> they have been building a covert in richmond facility for several yea
package was found in the morning. the swiss government is representing the u.s. interest since the u.s. has had no formal diplomatic ties with iran. the three americans were arrested in late july, allegedly for crossing the iranian border illegally. >>> they can't think of any reason that they would stop the execution of john allen mohammed. the man responsible for the 2002 sniper attacks. it's set to die on november 10. they will review any requests by the illegal team. but so far, none have been made. >> and prince george's county police, they have recovered the mercedes, stolen from the murder victim's home. right now, they are not saying much about where their car was found. but as they report, in his community, they are gearing up for a neighborhood security meeting and a visual in his honor. >> this is explaning what's going on, the situation. >> reporter: the team of officers, they are headed into the neighborhood here to let residence know that police are watching them. and there have been a rack of home invasions here four in the last 45 days. their home was hit in february. >
are climbing up in the 70s for the region. still quite cloudy across the bay and the eastern shore. out of the mountains, it has been a cool morning there. only in the 50s at this hour. and over the last six hours, we have been watching clouds over washington passing to the east and over southern maryland, and on the eastern shore. still quite cloudy. so for much of the region, partly cloudy and far to the west, a mostly sunny day. low humidity in place. and high temperatures should reach the low and mid-80s by midafternoon. this weather will continue through the labor day weekend. i will show you my forecast for that. and i will also show you the forecast for the bay and the beaches for the weekend. that will all be coming up in just a few minutes. barbara and joe? >> thank you, tom. >> thank you, jerry -- tom. we will get to jerry with traffic in a bit. first we will tell you about a traffic problem hampering traffic all long. one lane closed on route 50, happened around 2:00 this morning. two tractor trailers collided causing backups, and nobody was injured. and things are going to b
in the 40s and low 50s, now we are in the mid to upper 60s all around the region. and as we take a look at the latest wind gusts, we had gusts over 30 miles per hour. and some of the higher ridges may have had gusts to 40 miles per hour this morning. we are going to see the gusts continuing to increase into the afternoon. we already had gusts 25 around washington in to southern maryland. we have a cool morning low of 48 there. they had a wind gusts there to 20 miles per hour. and look at the temperatures out of the mountains. around 50 degrees now. it's only in the low 50s out in western pennsylvania. some of the clouds are on the increase as we had gusty winds pick up. and gusts are around 30 to 35 around the metro area. and temperatures are climbing into the low 70s. and we will have the cool pattern remaining into the weekend. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend in just a few minutes. barbara and pat? >> thank you, tom. >> thanks, jerry -- wow, that's tom. sorry. i have jerry on my mind and he is not even here. >> yeah, he is on vacation. but we have steve. >> hi, steve. >
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